• Faucet Powered
  • No Reservoir
    to Refill
  • No Batteries
    or Electricity Needed
  • UV Toothbrush
    Travel Sanitizer

This has to be the best water flosser I've found. I tried a removable-battery type but within 6 months water had gotten into the battery compartment and it died. Then I tried one with rechargeable batteries that you didn't put in and take out and it came with a charger. But the same thing happened to it as within 6 months it died too as water somehow got into it and rusted it. Then I found this one and it is the perfect answer. It screws into your faucet (it screwed in perfectly and simply in my bathroom faucet) and there are NO batteries. It's also the cheapest out there, being $15-50 less than the battery operated ones. Thank you so much ProFloss for this fantastic product! You saved my teeth.

- Diane, Southern California
(via online)