ProFloss Waterflosser for Dental Professionals
For Dental Professionals

ProFloss® Water Flosser can help your patients who don’t floss because it is easy to use and a more convenient alternative to countertop and cordless model oral irrigators available.  And ProFloss Water Flosser is more affordable!   Recommend or offer your patients the only faucet powered waterflosser – for under $20.

ProFloss Water Flosser delivers a steady stream of water to remove debris and plaque around braces, between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and string floss can’t reach.   ProFloss Water Flosser features four water pressure levels so your patient will find an optimal comfort. 

ProFloss Water Flosser is different from any other dental water jet.  Since it’s faucet powered, it is ready to use anytime by simply turning on the water.  There’s no electricity needed or batteries to recharge, and no reservoir to fill!  Plus ProFloss Water Flosser takes up no countertop space because you “quick-connect” it to your faucet only when needed and store it away in its zipper pouch when not in use.  ProFloss Water Flosser includes two water picks and additional water picks are sold separately so the entire household can use it.

Many people do not use floss on a regular basis, which means that they are not reaching the bacteria that can build up between teeth that cause plaque, bad breath, inflammation, and infection. There is a connection between periodontal inflammation and heart disease and stroke, so offering your patients an affordable and easy to use alternative to string floss is imperative.

ProFloss Water Flosser is simply an easier way to clean between all teeth. It takes only about a minute a day. People who floss infrequently or inconsistently will quickly conclude using a waterflosser is easier to use than floss.

Waterflossers, also known as dental water jets or an oral irrigators, provide water pressure to stimulate and remove bacteria and debris from the gingival tissues. Waterflossers continue to outperform traditional floss in study after study. For any patient who doesn't like to floss, and doesn’t want clutter on their bathroom countertop, ProFloss Waterflosser is a great option to cordless and countertop models.

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