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ProFloss® Ultimate Waterflosser will help freshen breath and give you a healthy smile by removing debris and bacteria left behind by brushing and flossing... while massaging your gums. Now an easier way to floss!

The new ProFloss Ultimate Waterflosser has a reinforced aerator and handle, and takes up no countertop space because you attach it to your faucet in seconds - only when needed. It's powered by your faucet, not electricity, which means no noisy motor. There's no reservoir to refill or battery to recharge, so you're ready to use anytime by simply turning on the water. Comes with one pink, and one grey water flosser picks.

Now you can thoroughly clean your mouth without stopping to refill a reservoir or change waterfloss picks. Great for use with braces and other dental work. Easy to use for all ages!


  • ProFloss is Faucet Powered
  • No electricity needed
  • No batteries needed
  • No reservoir to refill
  • No clutter on countertop
  • 4 Pressure settings
  • ProFloss detaches easily for storage
  • Reinforced aerator and handle
  • Gray colored base and aerator
  • 1 pink and 1 gray water flosser pick

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Compactly stores in Zipper pouch in drawer or cabinet when not in use
Typically stores on countertop after use
Bulky - base with attachments and reservior take up space on countertop
Water flows direct from faucet to waterflosser
Needs to be filled from faucet - often more than once per use
Needs to be filled from faucet before use
Water flows direct from
faucet to waterflosser 
Frequent recharging required; batteries
may die or stop holding a charge. 
Permanent cord can limit countertop placement
MSRP $24.99 $29.99-$49.99 $59.99 & Up


  • Remove existing faucet aerator.

  • Install ProFloss aerator one time.

  • Insert ProFloss Pick into handle and select one of four water flow options.

  • Re-attach hose to aerator then turn on water to rinse away food particles and bacteria left behind after brushing and flossing.

  • Detach hose from aerator after use, remove waterpick from handle and store in zipper pouch.

  • How do I contact Customer Service?

    View our Contact Page.
  • Is there a warranty on ProFloss® Waterflosser?

    Yes, there is a one year warranty. We warrant the product shall be free of defects in assembly under normal use when properly installed and maintained. If the product should become defective, we will repair it or elect to replace it free of charge.

    To obtain warranty service, please call 1-800 257-7844 or email You may be instructed to return defective product, postage prepaid, along with dated proof of purchase, to Ginsey Home Solutions, 2078 Center Square Road, Swedesboro, NJ 08085 USA.

    Include a return address inside the package. You may also include an email address inside the package so we can notify you that your package has been received and returned. Please allow 2 weeks for the return of your product.
  • Do I have to detach the hose after each use?

    Yes. If you don't detach the hose, you will not be able to use the faucet.
  • Can I order additional waterpicks?

    Yes. Additional waterpicks are available for $1.99 each. Order online (see Replacements Parts) or call 1-800-867-4673 to order with a credit card.
  • Can I adjust the water flow?

    There are four water flow levels to select from on the waterjet handle for your comfort. Also, adjusting the faucet handle(s) can affect water flow.
  • How long is the hose?

    The coiled hose can stretch to a length of 42".
  • What is the water pressure (PSI)?

    US households water pressure is approximately 25 - 60 PSI. ProFloss® Waterflosser has been tested to 60 PSI.
  • Does the ProFloss® aerator fit on all faucets?

    The ProFloss® aerator has both internal and external threads so it fits most faucets with 15/16" outside faucet threads OR 55/64" inside faucet threads(27 NPT).